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My Home #1: My Reminders to Homestead


This is part 1 in a 13 part series: My Home

I love surrounding myself with antiques ad vintage items; I especially love using them, thinking about the hands that had used the item before and the work and the love that was shared through it.

I especially love having items from my own personal heritage, from those who came before.

This quilt isn’t an antique. Actually it was just made this month! 
But it was made by my 95-year-old Mom who has been asking quilts for the past 70 years. 

She has passed the craft down to her 2 granddaughters (it definitely skipped a generation. I hate quilting) and they are now following in her footsteps. 

This quilt, to me, represents working with your hands, being connected, as you “steady your home” and to not forget about what brings you joy.

I remember my Mom working in the fields all day, doing all the household stuff, cooking, canning, sewing clothes, and still having time for her personal pleasure: quilt making. (Hmmm she is still doing all of that, except working in the fields!) 

If only I had that stamina! 

What reminds you of why your home is your homestead? 
- Debbie 

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