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My Home #2: Is it Ok NOT to garden?


This is part 2 in a 13 part series: My Home

Back in August, I was so excited about trying my hand at a fall garden and, even, overwintering some crops in my Hoophouse. 

I was envisioning myself going out to the garden in the winter and digging up some fresh carrots. I was so pleased with myself.

Fast forward a month or so and I’m starting to feel the urge to put up my gardening tools and pick up my crochet hook instead. 

Is it ok to not garden? 

That’s the little message that is playing in my head. Of course, I know that whatever I choose to do is ok. This is MY life and I get to choose how I live it.

But, still, there is this wee little pang of guilt that says “you should”.

Ok little voice; we need to talk!”

Homesteading isn’t necessarily about doing all things by yourself. You don’t have to be “all in” to be making a difference at steadying your home.

If we are talking empowerment, if you are pushing hard in one of area of your life, at the expense of another, then, well, you may be heading towards some major unsteadiness.

I’m 64 years old and I love gardening. I love growing my own food, I love preserving the harvests. But I don’t want to be hard at it in the middle of winter. And that’s ok.

MY lifestyle includes taking the winter months to curl up in my chair, with my crochet hook in hand and create yarn art. 

THAT is what my homesteading looks like. No guilt.

What does YOUR homesteading look like in the winter?
- Debbie 

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