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Cooking & Preserving #14: Save time by making and storing double batches

Save time in the kitchen by making double batches and preserving one for the future. 

I woke up in the middle of the night with my mouth watering, thinking about that delicious pear crumble that I made the other day. (You can find the recipe here

While lying there in a semi-awake state, I was given the idea of making a second batch of the dry ingredients and storing it for a later date, saving me a LOT of time in the kitchen and making it easy to make Rick’s sweet tooth happy. 

Double Batching

While measuring out the DRY ingredients for the sweet batter, I put equal amounts of each into a mason jar, for the second batch.

Next, was the crumble and I did the same with the DRY ingredients.

Now, I have everything measured out and ready to go (except the wet ingredients) for the “double batch”!


  •  I labelled the jars, listing the wet ingredients to be added
  • Vacuum sealed the jars, to keep critters and insects out
  • Put the jars in a bag, to keep them together 
  • Smiled!

Oh, and I cooked the one batch and sampled it. 
I used peaches this time and it was so good. 
The peaches had been in my fridge and had been one of the things that had frozen yesterday. I thought that I should use them up right away, after they thawed. 

The Labels

(These labels are “peel and stick” photos. They are so handy for so many things.)

I love this recipe! 
And I love double-batching!

Gift Giving

Oh and did I mention that this would make a great gift!!! 
I picture the labelled jars, sitting in a basket that is lined with gingham.
.. or maybe in a baking pan that would be great for the recipe…. 
Or … 

Oh the possibilities! 
- Debbie 


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