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Cooking & Preserving #3: Leftover Potatoes

What to do with leftover potatoes? Preserve them.

We recently had a big family get-together and I made lots of potatoes … and I had lots of potatoes left over. 

There is no way that Rick and I could eat all of them before they started going bad, so it was time to preserve them. 

Preserving Leftover Potatoes

Now, I could have just freeze-dried them but … wouldn’t it be nice to make some potato soup first? 

So out came a recipe that I found decades ago (oh that made me feel old!) 

Potato Soup

  1. melt 1 tbsp butter
  2. add and cook for 3 minutes: 1 tbsp flour
  3. add gradually: 2 c milk, till thick
  4. add
    1. onion salt
    2. salt
    3. pepper
    4. celery salt
    5. cayenne
    6. parsley
  5. stir in 1 c pureed cooked potatoes
  6. heat
  7. Enjoy.

That is my tried and true recipe.

Freeze-Drying Leftover Potatoes

  • Spread the leftover potatoes (or potato soup) onto freeze-dryer trays
  • Place the trays in the freezer until you have enough for a full freeze-dryer load or just to pre-freeze. Note: you can also process them from unfrozen stage
  • Freeze-dry 
  • Place in Mylar bags or canning jars 
  • Add an oxygen absorber packet to each, to help extend the shelf life 
  • Seal the containers (heat seal the bags and vacuum seal the jars) 
  • Store in a cool dark location 

Now I have potatoes to add to casseroles and soups or maybe using it in home-made bread or pancakes!

How do you use leftover potatoes? 
- Debbie 

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