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Gardening #8: GreenStalk vertical gardening

Vertical gardening is my new favourite way to garden! 

Vertical Gardening Benefits

From my one-season experience with vertical gardening, I realized that this was the way to go, for me, because:
  • It was much easier to manage the weeds, as I had just a small garden space at the base of the trellis to tend
  • Harvesting, pruning, was much easier - reaching up vs bending over 
  • The beauty of the plants was much more visible as it was mostly at eye level and not knee-level 
  • I had less pest damage with the climbing plants than when managed lower to the ground 

With my 2022 season being such a win, I wanted to look into the vertical gardening system for my non-climbers. Could I grow my lettuce plants and strawberries in the raised containers and achieve the same “winning” results? 

And, so, I invested in a GreenStalk system. 

Why I Chose GreenStalk

I chose GreenStalk for one main reason and, even though I haven’t planted anything in it yet, I’m so glad I made this choice. 

The main difference, that I saw, between this and cheaper copycat versions, is that this has a water reservoir for each tier of the vertical garden. 

I loved my self-watering system that I had set up this year in my garden. I loved not having to worry about the soil drying out if I went away for a few days. The water reservoir made the gardening less stressful and a little less labour intensive. So, the reservoirs in the GreenStalk was the deciding factor.

GreenStalk Options
GreenStalk offers two different sizes of containers - the leaf version for plants with smaller root systems and the original with taller spaces, allowing for deeper roots. 

Although I’m not sure what I will be planting in them, I opted for the leaf version - 7 tiers, which gives me 42 plant pockets! That should give me a lot of growing options. 

The unboxing

Somewhere … I have a video showing the unboxing of my GreenStalk system. 
Somewhere is a video that talks about each of the elements and the amazing contents of the huge box that it came in. 

Somewhere.. but do you think I can find it? 
Apparently I didn’t post it anywhere .. I just made it and, then, it got deleted when I was cleaning up my files??? That is so frustrating. .. and disappointing. 

But .. we can’t go back and change the past. 
We live; we learn; we move forward

As for the GreenStalk, we wait until spring when I bring the boxes out of storage and “unbox them” for a second time and we get to plant in them together. That will be exciting and is something to look forward to. 

Silver linings, life’s bittersweet pleasures.

See you in the spring, “Mr. Greensleeves”.
(I guess I just named my GreenStalk.)

(I'd love to hear about your experience with vertical gardening)
* * * *


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