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The Trellises

Protecting my garden and growing vertically with hoophouses and trellises.  As you may know, last year the critters ate all of my garden.  This year, I tried hoophouses to protect my plants and they worked great at keeping the critters out and my pl
Protecting my gardens from animals and growing vertically: trellises It was the last week of July and I had brand new cattle panels to use as garden trellises. This was too late to allow plants to mature before the first predicted frosts for my area
It’s October 9th, and I had the morning free so I harvested the beans on the trellises. They weren’t completely ripe, let alone dry, but, the weather has been frosty and it is not warming back up. I had enough beans for a meal. Now, what to do with t
Fall is the time to prepare garden beds for the spring. [prepping_old_trellis_bed_.png] As you know I set up some trellisses this past summer and I grew some plants as an experiment, knowing that I wouldn’t get any harvest off them before the first