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vertical gardening

Protecting my garden and growing vertically with hoophouses and trellises.  As you may know, last year the critters ate all of my garden.  This year, I tried hoophouses to protect my plants and they worked great at keeping the critters out and my pl
Protecting my gardens from animals and growing vertically: trellises It was the last week of July and I had brand new cattle panels to use as garden trellises. This was too late to allow plants to mature before the first predicted frosts for my area
 Starting a vegetable garden is a great way to be more self-sufficient and grow your own organic food, and it doesn’t need to break the bank! Keep reading to find some practical tips to start your vegetable garden on a budget. [Image] This post conta
Vertical gardening is my new favourite way to garden!  This year, I installed some trellises made with cattle panels and I loved them.  Vertical Gardening Benefits From my one-season experience with vertical gardening, I realized that this was the
I just have to share this. What a wonderful surprise as I unboxed my order from GreenStalk I am loving this company! Definitely getting that personal touch and feeling cared about AND I think this extra touch represents the care they put into the
GreenStalks: vertical gardening for ascetics,  and for best use of space .. and for movability. This past week, I set up my GreenStalks on the “deck” of my backyard cabin. [FF2A58E8-E306-4172-9B13-1A9572B640F3.jpeg] We have had beautiful weather