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2023 Garden #2: GreenStalks for the win!


This is part 2 in a 5 part series: 2023 Garden

GreenStalks: vertical gardening for ascetics,  and for best use of space

.. and for movability.

This past week, I set up my GreenStalks on the “deck” of my backyard cabin.

We have had beautiful weather and I used that gift to plant some herbs and perennial plants, such as sage and yarrow, as well as taking a risk with some less cold-tolerant plants such as basil.

This week, the weather is dropping to freezing temperatures and this is why I chose the cabin location for my GreenStalks.

With the wheel base, I was able to easily move the towers into the cabin where they are protected from the wind and, hopefully, where they will tolerate the low temperatures better.

One day this week, when the temperature hits its lowest, I will probably add a frost cover, just to be on the safe side. 

… and I will continue to cross my fingers!! 🤞🏼

Gardening is ALWAYS a learning curve! 

I am going to learn lots about gardening in a GreenStalk tower this week!
- Debbie 

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