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2023 Garden #3: April 23 - where’s spring?

I know that I’m in a Zone 5/6 area and my estimated last frost date is May 24 …. But ..

In recently years, spring has been showing up in late March, early April, and then we’ve just had some winter days tossed in for good measure. 

This year, we are continually having cold weather, with some spring days tossed in here and there. I guess it is a reminder to:

Don’t get cocky

2023, so far, is a reminder that Mother Nature is in charge! 


Yesterday, I checked out my gardens and took assessment of what I have so far.

First of all, I find it interesting that up until last year my focus has always been on the front yard and I never took the time to do much of anything to my backyard.

This year, after having become a gardener with my successful 2022 season, I have yet to set foot in my front yard.

But, I digress. Let’s check out my gardens.

This is the greenhouse/ Hoophouse that collapsed under the weight of that one bad snow storm.
We are slowly building the new one and, because of that, I can’t plant anything in it because we would be stepping all over the beds.
All I have are the garlic plants that I started last fall.

2. Greenhouse 1
This is the first year of having the Hoophouse in early spring.
I had planted peas and cabbage starts when the soil first moved above 45F.
Because of the repeated cold weather, they never did much of anything and I’m afraid that the cabbages are to be forever 2” high.
The peas, which I think are actually my seeds planted this past week, are looking fantastic.
I did try planting some onions, the other day, that had severely spouted in my pantry. I didn’t know if they’d survive but they look good.
All I did was take off the outside layers of onion and, then, stuck the centres into the ground.
I also have a “sacrificial tomato”, an experiment. Last week, I took one of my started tomato plants and put it (in the pot) slightly in the ground in the greenhouse (north side). So far, it seems to be doing just fine!

3. GreenStalks
I have two GreenStalk towers planted and have been keeping them inside the cabin during this cold spell. Once the low temperatures get above 5C again, I will put them back out on the deck.

4. Garden-Garden
The plan was to move the little greenhouse into this area but, because the current location is so protected, I’m leaving it where it is.
So, in the open garden I have a cattle panel trellis (not arched) and I will use it for tomatoes and peas.
Because I had it set up on an angle for the new greenhouse location, I have two triangle spaces for gardening.
I planted cabbage starts which have loved it outside, little onion sets from last year’s harvest, garlic, from the pantry, that were starting to go bad, fingerling potatoes, carrots (started under a board), and peas along the far side of the trellis fence. 
All was well until the neighbours chickens came to do some manual labour and they scratched up pretty much everything except the carrots.  
So.. yesterday, Rick and I set up a quick fence to keep the chickens out and let them do their garden work in other spaces around the yard. All is well and I am grateful for their hard work.

However - because of the garden layout, I have no idea how I’m going to tend to my garden areas, now, as the border (planned working space)  is now fence. 

I will figure it out. That’s what gardeners do! 

Waiting for spring weather, 
- Debbie

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