Monthly Book Giveaway - February 2023

Originally from Italy, I've been living for the past 6 years in Newfoundland (Canada), where I met my husband, Jerry, and had our first beautiful son, Ollie.
I've always been in love with nature and my goal is to live in harmony with it as much as possible. I'm passionate about natural, holistic health, food from scratch and living a simpler, more self-sufficient life.
We don't own a house quite yet, but this past summer I put together our first container and raised beds vegetable garden in our rental's backyard. My 3-year-old and I had so much fun learning and working on our garden, and it was so rewarding to eat and cook with our own produce!
Our long-term goal is to buy a little homestead where we can raised our food and family in harmony with nature.
You can also find me over at, where I share natural health educational resources, healthy recipes from scratch, and simple living inspiration and tutorials.

Marta!! I’m thrilled that you are here. (And a belated welcome to Canada)

Welcome to Homesteadian. I look forward to learning from you and your version of a homesteading journey. 

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