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Our Hoophouses #12: One last winter storm and ARGH

Winter’s last kick at the can, one last heavy ice and snow storm, wreaked havoc on my Hoophouse … it had done so well.

We had a lot of ice and snow and I forgot to go clear the roof it the Hoophouse …

The frame is now bent and twisted from the weight of the ice.

Step 1

Assess the damage: top frame and side frames twisted but still connected. 

Step 2

Plan the fix: probably lots of propping up with posts but we will have to wait and see. 
First, all this snow has to melt so that we can access the outside and inside easily. 

Step 3

Once we have a plan, we’ll, then we get to work and fix it up. 

Hoophouse #1

The little green Hoophouse, in case you were wondering, is strong and secure.

Life is full of “shoulda’s” … can’t dwell on them:
Live; learn; do better next time
- Debbie

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