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Homesteading: Reflections #28: Are you receiving or taking?

I recently read something or watched a video (sorry; I don’t remember the source) and the person spoke about gardening in terms of “giving and receiving” vs “taking”.

The homesteading mindset is definitely connected to the process of giving and receiving and not just taking.

I think it always boils down to knowing and respecting where our food comes from and wanting, choosing, to be a part of that interconnectedness with the soil and plants rather than just putting food on the table, regardless of where it came from and how it was grown and prepared.

When I journaled this morning, I expanded on this idea and wrote:

“Now that I’m a gardener”, I expect that my understanding of how I am contributing to this giving and receiving relationship will grow deeper and stronger with every step along the way.

Today, as I sat in my Hoophouse, I definitely gave respect to the wind that had my fragile but sturdy structure rocking and creaking.

I cannot control the wind or change the strength of the Hoophouse. I can only do my best to give added strength and support and to accept whatever comes along during this windy time of the year. 
- Debbie

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