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What to do with leftover potatoes? Preserve them. We recently had a big family get-together and I made lots of potatoes … and I had lots of potatoes left over.  There is no way that Rick and I could eat all of them before they started going bad, so
how to make your own plum sauce [DDCA0A10-DA35-41C5-AD44-D01C767F2A44.jpeg] The plums actually came from my neighbours. He has a tree that is simply loaded with fruit every year.  This year,
Making paprika seasoning from scratch. I did it !!!    I made paprika using peppers from my own garden.  The Peppers These particular seeds, SWEET PAPRIKA,  came from William Dam Seeds. [E13E559B-BCCB-4340-88BF-C7DC9E34B400.png] There is another v
I love surrounding myself with antiques ad vintage items; I especially love using them, thinking about the hands that had used the item before and the work and the love that was shared through it. I especially love having items from my own personal h
This is my first year ever using hoophouses and I can now say that I am a gardener! It was a huge success.   [6DB46B9C-40FC-4EE3-BC95-433A905E6175.jpeg] The main goal for using a Hoophouse was to keep the critters from eating my plants. Little did I k
As a last resort, to protect my gardens from rabbits, I bought a Hoophouse. See my project here: [85F186B8-34DB-44D1-B86D-FA3889E1FC81.jpeg]Let’s begin at the beginning. Last year, the last sev