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When I was young, we frequently heard the phrase:  “You will eat a peck of dirt in your lifetime. ” That was definitely true, back in the day. Today, in 2023, I wonder how much dirt we do consume and what are the benefits? [2A60AD0B-5774-4CE6-A73
“Don’t put me back in the fridge,” MzElla said. MzElla is my sourdough starter. Sourdough starters are named to remind us that they are alive. The wild yeast within that starter are active, living, hungry microorganisms. The experiment I already ha
This was the wisdom I received while journaling this morning:  “Making sourdough gives water, nbiish, time to do its medicine to help make grains digestible. ” Nbiish, the Ojibwe word for water, according to Native teachings, is the first medicine.
Ok, the experimenting already started - when I purchased the “The Sourdough Whisperer” book and tried Elaine Boddy’s sourdough method. But, with my sourdough starter begging,  “don’t put me back in the fridge”  and a loaf of bread already in the bre
When you have a smaller pantry, you want to get the most jars into the small space and that, for me, means stacking them. But, when you stack them, you’re putting pressure on the middle of the lid, which pulls the edge away from the jar, potentially
Yesterday, we had chicken and I made some broth. This morning, I preserved it. Making the most of a chicken I have to say up front that I’m not using all of the chicken because I didn’t raise the chicken, I didn’t harvest the chicken, and I didn’t
Following yesterday’s dream, this morning, I remembered to honour and give gratitude to and for the food that I was eating for breakfast - the porridge. The Water According to Native teachings, water is the first medicine.  “Ntam mashkiki - nbiish ”
I woke up this morning from a very powerful dream that, of course, got all blurred and forgotten once I started to wake up.  I have spent the past five hours trying to remember and interpret the dream so that I can use it to move forward with this ne
As you know, I found a second-hand roaster oven after the holidays and tried it out by roasting a chicken. - loved it.  But will it bake bread? [403140B2-37CB-4CC3-A58B-502EE4D63FA7.jpeg] I tried baking bread this morning. • I put the sourdough into
Last fall, I wrapped up our hoophouses (greenhouses) for the season, partly because I didn’t know what to expect but primarily, to be honest, I wanted a break from gardening. Silly me. Did you see my post about the carrots? I dug up carrots from t
So, this “who ya hangin out with” idea has really had me reflecting on goals and  on my vision board concept of how I want to live my life. In the last blog about this, I talked about how I “hung out with” Jessica of Roots & Refuge Farm last year an
[96255276-9A82-4DD5-B512-A69F38B04151.png] Jessica Sowards, of Roots and Refuge Farm, is often suggesting to viewers of her YouTube videos to purchase a roaster oven if they get a chance.  She also has said that after a holiday is a great time to fi