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Gardening #5: Fall Garden UPDATE - Peas, Please


This is part 5 in a 16 part series: Gardening

Fall garden peas - a success 

If I harvest nothing else from my first attempt at a fall garden, (zone 5), this year is a success, because, today, I harvested and ate my first pod of peas off my plants! 

Fall Garden Planting

Back in mid-August, I planted some peas at the north end of my large Hoophouse. This was a complete experiment because I had never grown a fall garden before and I had no idea if I should be planting pea seeds in the heat of the summer. 

Well, here I am on October 21st and I am starting to harvest peas! I only have a few plants, and, thus, a few pods, but they are going to be absolutely delicious, just like the one I ate today. 

Last night, or this morning really, we hit our coldest temperature thus far. It was about -5c (23F) and I lost the last of my basil, my peppers, and my zucchini plants, all of which were in the hoophouses.

The peas are just fine and the upcoming week is supposed to be rather warm again, so the peas should flourish. 

What I learned?

  • Mid-august was just fine for planting peas
  • They don’t mind a below-freezing temperature  

What will I do next year?

  • Plant more 
  • Do succession planting and try planting some seeds earlier and some later
  • Plant earlier in the spring, as well, as soon as I can work the soil, because the plants will be fine with a  -5C morning! 
  • Note: recommended soil temperature is 50-70F (10-20C)

My fall garden experiment has definitely been a success, if only because of the peas. 

I love peas. Can you tell?

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