Monthly Book Giveaway - February 2023

Gardening #6: What am I preparing for?

Trust the journey ….

Sometimes the tongue says “yes” while the brain is saying “why”. 

I have no idea what glorious possibilities are going to come out of this load of wood … but something told me to say “yes”.

I had ordered some woodchips (for my garden - yes, that’s a good cause) and was asked “do you want this load of wood that I have, as well?” And that’s when it happened. I gave the “yes” to the firewood.

We don’t burn wood for heating …. so … why did I just buy some firewood?

😇Part of me is saying, “trust the journey”.
💰The other part of me is saying, “well that was silly and a waste of money.”
✔️And, then, that voice of justification shouts, “trust the possibilities”.
💪🏼Then, the realistic voice says, “make do with what you have been given.” Ah!! There we go.

🚪The door to the possibilities has been opened and now I get to think outside the box and put the wood to use. Yes!! Here we go.

🔥Perhaps there is a bonfire gathering in the future, with people who want to discuss the ins and outs of the homesteading life. Maybe!

🧭 If I was somewhat local to you, would you join me, one afternoon??

🤔Or … what others ideas can you think of?

Something is unfolding. I can feel it,
- Debbie

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