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2024 Garden Season #9: GreenStalks for the Win


This is part 9 in a 17 part series: 2024 Garden Season

I was asked what I like about GreenStalks … 

A GreenStalk is container gardening, with a unique watering system for each layer in the tower.

What I love about this system 

1. No bending over … the tower makes everything much more accessible (and pain-free) than when growing things “ in ground”.

2. Set spacing: ok this sounds really lazy but I do like that I don’t have to think about spacing for plants. I just tuck a plant into each pocket.

3. There’s a whole lot of growing space in a wee little footprint. Each of my GreenStalk vertical garden towers sit on an 18” cement paver and in that single spot I could grow 30 cabbages. 30!! That “blows my mind.”

4. Really #1 reason: there is not one single bindweed plant growing in my GreenStalk. None. Nada.
(In one of my garden beds, I added 6 inches of straw and grass clippings for mulch and the bindweed is loving it. It just winds its way up through all that mass. So frustrating.)

5. They are pretty. They make a good conversation piece. 

6. Movable. I can easily change my mind about where I want my plants to grow. (Just move the tower!)

7. Easy to water - fill the reservoir until all the trays are full and overflowing, and done. 

There are probably more things on the list if I thought about it but that #4 really is enough for me. [ curses, you, bindweed ] 

GreenStalks: check them out if you haven’t already 

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