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2024 Garden Season #10: Mosquitoes - argh

Mosquitoes, around here, are as bad as bindweed! 

‘‘Tis the season .. for itching and scratching and swishing and smacking - contending with the attack of the mosquitoes

We have been lucky in recent years and the mosquitoes haven’t been bad. 2024? They are making up for it this year. There are swarms!!  

I have found that lemon balm helps to keep them away: helps, not prevents, and plantain, or course, helps with itching. Just rub the leaves on the skin, pushing out those juices and essential oils. 

I’ve heard that burning coffee grounds helps but I can’t go carrying a tray of burning stuff around my garden! 

For now, I’ll just wait till the sun dries up the dew. Hopefully that will help. 

- Debbie 

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