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How I organize my seeds

How I organize my seeds
Inspired my SawyerHomestead’s seed storage post, I thought I’d share my current system.

I say “current” because I used to just toss them all in an empty kitty litter bucket and, in the future, you never know what system I will use. I do like to experiment.

Photo storage containers

I saw the idea of using these photo storage containers (available on Amazon) on several YouTube garden videos and I thought it looked like a great idea.

I do like being able to put all the tomatoes together, for example, as this makes it really easy for seed starting: when it is time to start tomatoes, they are all right there, together. 

Now, I’ve heard that storing seeds in a plastic container isn’t the best of options, probably something to do with moisture and breathability. I can’t remember. Do you know why?

To compensate, somewhat, I’ve tossed some silica packets (?) into the large container. Does this really help? I have no idea. 

The problem

The first problem with the photo containers is that I’m not such an organized person and it all seems too constrained to me. I like an “organized clutter” better. 🤷🏻‍♀️ (no judgment. It’s who I am and it how my mind works)

The other problem is that I now have two organizers and it still isn’t enough!

Because I’m a gardener now and the cost of living is getting a little challenging, I want to grow more food and more varieties of food and that means more little storage compartments are needed.

Oh - and it’s winter … and, as SawyerHomestead said, I’ve got the itch! I want to plant seeds and when it is too early to plant, you scratch the itch by buying more seeds!! 

When it’s too early to plant seeds, buy more! 
(That’s not advice, just the voice of  seed addiction)

Did I mention that I have two more seed orders coming this week? More varieties of herbs, medicinal plants, perennials. What can I say .. I’m a gardener.

So, there you have it: my storage system.
What’s yours? Inspire me!

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