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The dish sock aka dishcloth

The dish sock aka dishcloth
My goal for today was to crochet an Amigurumi gnome … it just didn’t grab my heart, when I picked up my crochet hook and yarn 

But I started to crochet, anyway, and the next thing I knew, I had a “dish sock” on my hand. 

What’s a dish sock? 

Well, it’s a dish cloth that go creative and ended up with a little flap for the fingers .. and a hook for the thumb!

It was quick.
It is small.
It is easy to use. 

I’d say that it is a win land there just might be some more being made in the near future. Maybe a little bigger; maybe a tweak here and a tweak there … but definitely unique as there was no pattern. I was just crocheting and it happened. 

- Debbie


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