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Growing food indoors, in the winter

Growing food indoors, in the winter
November, 2022, I decided to try growing food indoors, during the winter, using one of the new hydroponic systems. 

Why grow indoors?

This winter, the cost of lettuce is supposed to skyrocket due to a drought in California.

Wait. What? My lettuce is coming from California?

I can see local farmers scrambling to see how they can profit from this. How can they grow lettuce, here in Ontario Canada, and sell it locally?
Lettuce matures in about 45 days. They just need to have a system set up. The shift is happening.

But.. back to me: why can’t I grow my own lettuce? Well, it’s cold outside, so that’s not happening. Actually, I think if I had started lettuce plants earlier in the fall and covered them well in the Hoophouse, I might have been able to have lettuce outdoors. 

But I didn’t, so if I want fresh lettuce, I need to grow it indoors. 

Why hydroponics?

The new hydroponic systems come with their own grow lights. They are all set up to be successful and indoor gardening has not been on my success list, to be honest.

Also, apparently, hydroponics speeds up the growing rate and that 45 days for lettuce may be closer to the 30’s. I will keep you posted on that.

After just 11 days, I did have this.. so I am hopeful.

Which system did I choose?

Checking out the different systems available through Amazon, I chose the 12-pod version from Moistenland primarily because the number of plants I could grow… not too few and not too many, and because the light has a fan in it to help strengthen the plants. I liked that. 

The beginnings

The set-up was easy; the seeds are in; the plants are growing … and, now, we wait.

You can follow my hydroponics journey here.
- Debbie

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