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My latest lifestyle project

My latest lifestyle project
Just last week, I did some reflecting and realized that I didn’t have to be a business person and sell products in order to be successful and empowered … 

And that is where my life project of living a simpler life began. 

AND that is when I felt so free and grounded. Getting back to basics, connected to the earth, well I remember 55 years ago walking in the creek and watching nature; I remember 40 years ago baking 7 loaves of bread in a wood stove to feed my family. And I realize that I’ve always been a homesteader … I just didn’t know it. Or I forgot it. 

But here I am.

And now to figure out what all that means for me and how I want to live my life on a day-to-day basis, living a simpler life. 

Here we go!
- Debbie 

a simpler life

I feel the same, always been a homesteadian. I tried making my own garden when I was 6.  My kids had homemade bread and muffins for school. I love being out in nature and only use plant based cleaning products. 

Leslie MacLeod

At 6???
Oh my … good for you!

a simpler life

Thanks, Charlene

a simpler life