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[Standing_Bear_Network_Maple_Syrup.jpg] This morning, this teachings story appeared in my FB feed and my first thought went to homesteading and the work involved in maintaining a happy, healthy home. (Shared with permission from Standing Bear Netwo
Spruce up the green beans with freeze-dried ingredients [Meal_from_freeze_dried.jpg] From the Garden  Green beans have to be one of the best vegetables to grow in a homesteading garden because they keep on producing throughout the entire season! Ab
Building your family homestead begins with the dream.  [How_to_build_a_homestead.PNG] First things first  What is the dream? Everyone’s vision of a homestead is different. What do you want yours to be like? • what does it look like? • What does it f
I was doing so well at organizing my blogs and then I forgot that I had set up one specifically for recipes!  My latest blog is a recipe for   >>> Ham Soup <<< Rather than talking about it twice, I’m going to send you over to the blog I posted this
Ham Soup: a frugal meal on my homestead  [Ham_soup_frugal_meals.PNG] Today, I bought a ham, with bone in, for just $10. Now that is a good price, here in Canada, but even better when I think about how many meals that I’m going to get out of it.  Mak
A few Simple Seed Starting Tips and Tricks will have you on your way to growing a successful garden.  Learning to Grow a Garden Love the idea of gardening but feel overwhelmed at the thought of starting? Questions like, how do I learn to garden or wh
When you don’t feel like cooking, open some jars of freezedried food. [Cooking_with_freezedried_and_garden_veg.PNG] After covering the Hoophouse with plastic, today, I just didn’t feel like having to cook something.  Making a Meal from Freeze-Dried
Will the Hoophouse survive the winter? What we did was easy for these two seniors to do! [Hoophouse_winter_protection.PNG] While the weather is nice, it is time to work on the Hoophouse for the winter protection. We are in the midst of some nice, wa
Making the hoophouse trellis for tomatoes. [Homestead_Hoophouse_trellis.PNG] As I write this, it is almost the end of October and there isn't much left growing in my gardens.  In the hoophouse, I have my precious peas that are just starting to be rea
Storage of freezedried food [Longterm_storage_of_freezedried_food.PNG] I was recently asked how I store my freeze-dried food. This is my process. My Storage Options I have two options that I use to store the food that I have preserved through the f
Here’s 5 beginner gardener mistakes. I made them all! Avoid them for a great start to the growing season. BEGINNER GARDENER MISTAKE 1: BUYING TOO MANY PLANTS OR SEEDS There is nothing quite like walking into a greenhouse! It’s warm, brightly lit, and
Fall garden peas - a success  [Fall_garden_peas.PNG] If I harvest nothing else from my first attempt at a fall garden, (zone 5), this year is a success, because, today, I harvested and ate my first pod of peas off my plants!  Fall Garden Planting B