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2024 Garden Season #5: Hardy Almond Trees


This is part 5 in a 9 part series: 2024 Garden Season

Several years ago, I planted two hardy almond trees. The following spring I fell in love as the aroma from the blossoms was intoxicating!!

Hardy Almonds 

The variety is called Hall’s Hardy and I planted the two trees in 2018.

Last year the trees produced the first “big” harvest for me and I was really excited. I gathered the nuts and stored them on top of my fridge to dry. 

And, then, I forgot about them, until this week when the trees went into full bloom again. 

The Harvest

So, this morning, out came the nuts and the nut cracker .. and then pliers and a hammer…

The shells were so hard - almost impossible to break by hand. But, we managed to open a few, only to find zero nuts inside. Nada. Zip. 

All for nothing?

All for nothing? Absolutely not! 

First of all, I’m guessing that we will get to eat them some year, but if not? The blossoms are so beautiful and the aroma is so wonderful, that they are definitely worth having. 

And, probably, at some point I will purchase two more plants. These, I would prune to keep short so I could access the blossoms and nuts more easily. My current two are, now, out of reach. 

Hardy Almonds
Zone 5b 
Ontario Canada

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