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2024 Garden Season #2: Gardens: it has begun!


This is part 2 in a 9 part series: 2024 Garden Season

My gardens, this year, are five main areas: 
1. In-ground garden
2. GreenStalks
3. Trellises
4. Hoophouse (covered)
5. Hoophouse (minus the plastic)

In-ground Garden

This area of my yard has been lawn, and a garden, and lawn, and garden. 
Last year, nothing really grew in the area so I decided that it would be lawn again.
But/ this spring, I decided to try one more time. 
  • We put up the fence again, to keep the neighbour’s chickens out, the rabbits, dogs, squirrels, and whatever else might want to feast on the veggies
  • I used bricks to create borders for different planting beds, and have added straw to help keep the weeds down
  • I expanded the garden area and have started putting down cardboard to kill off the grass and will be using growbags, this year for planting 
  • I also dug the pathways a little deeper (little wallows) to help catch rainwater before it drains away, helping with watering
  • So far, I have garlic, onions, peas, and carrots planted. 


I have four GreenStalk planters
  • One for tomatoes for snacking (close to the house)
  • One for salad ingredients 
  • One for herbs and perennials 
  • One for strawberries (I hope) 
I have started some lettuce in the one planter. 


The trellises will be for beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes so we are waiting 


In the large (now uncovered) Hoophouse, I found some green growing up from last year’s plants. That’s fun and unexpected. 
As to what they are? I have no idea. I’m not good at plant identification. 

For the smaller, covered, Hoophouse, I’ve went back and forth as to what I will grow in them but have decided on tomatoes and peppers so that I can extend the growing season in the fall. I will also have tomatoes and peppers in the large Hoophouse, open to the elements. 

Now, it is waiting time - patiently waiting for that last frost. 

Last predicted frost: May 24

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