Monthly Book Giveaway - February 2023
Will this be a win or a groan? I don’t know but they are currently in the oven! I wanted to use up some of my sourdough discard .. and see if it would work. Why not biscuits! NOTE: I’m writing this “as we go”!! RECIPE (Preheat the oven to 425f and
I absolutely love Lisa’s videos on Farmhouse on Boone.  They take the science and mesh it into real-life living:  • know the intention;  • get the feel for things;  • trust the process; and  • don’t get caught up in the details.  This video, in my
Why don’t they teach these things in school?  Or .. why aren’t they learning these things at home? Probably because the parents don’t know how. Or are too busy …or just don’t realize … or  Regardless of what others are doing, homesteaders, at any le
Sourdough Starter [Sourdough_starter.jpg] My goal is to make bread, using a long ferment method, in the hopes of being able to eat a bread that my stomach can digest easily.  I am hopeful.  Now, I’m not a perfectionist and I’m not into measuring thin
Yesterday, I was listening to a homesteader talk about what his family’s lifestyle looks like and he specifically addressed the comments that he gets from viewers saying that he shouldn’t post about hunting or fishing when he talks about his homestead
Your home … whatever your lifestyle … is your homestead. When I thought of homesteading in that way, my eyes were opened and I felt empowered to be more conscious of what I was doing and why AND I fet more proud of what I was doing, however insignif
Back in August, I was so excited about trying my hand at a fall garden and, even, overwintering some crops in my Hoophouse.  I was envisioning myself going out to the garden in the winter and digging up some fresh carrots. I was so pleased with mysel
What to do with leftover potatoes? Preserve them. We recently had a big family get-together and I made lots of potatoes … and I had lots of potatoes left over.  There is no way that Rick and I could eat all of them before they started going bad, so
how to make your own plum sauce [DDCA0A10-DA35-41C5-AD44-D01C767F2A44.jpeg] The plums actually came from my neighbours. He has a tree that is simply loaded with fruit every year.  This year,
Making paprika seasoning from scratch. I did it !!!    I made paprika using peppers from my own garden.  The Peppers These particular seeds, SWEET PAPRIKA,  came from William Dam Seeds. [E13E559B-BCCB-4340-88BF-C7DC9E34B400.png] There is another v
I love surrounding myself with antiques ad vintage items; I especially love using them, thinking about the hands that had used the item before and the work and the love that was shared through it. I especially love having items from my own personal h
This is my first year ever using hoophouses and I can now say that I am a gardener! It was a huge success.   [6DB46B9C-40FC-4EE3-BC95-433A905E6175.jpeg] The main goal for using a Hoophouse was to keep the critters from eating my plants. Little did I k