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Chicken coop

Chicken coop
I had so much fun painting & decorating my new 8 x 6' coop. The roosts are over a poop box, which has sand in it. This makes clean up so easy in the mornings. I just use a kitty litter scoop to pick up the hens' poop. The added curtains on the nesting boxes gives them a bit of privacy. The curtains over the chicken door helps with drafts in the colder months. I added vinyl flooring so shoveling out the shavings makes it easier!! I currently have 4 laying hens and will be getting 2 more early next month. 
I chuckled at “decorating” and then read on to see that you have curtains!

My goodness, you got to be creative! Fantastic 

Although I don’t have chickens, I love reading about how homesteaders design chicken coops and pens to make their lives easier (cleaning and gathering eggs). 

I find it fascinating. Thanks for sharing 

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