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Rotating Composting Barrel

Rotating Composting Barrel
For this project, I used 4x4 posts, 2x6 boards, rivets, door and locking latches, roller wheels, and a 30-gallon drum barrel. I built the stand with the 4x4 and 2x6 boards. I spread them out to allow enough room for dumping into a bucket or tote. I drilled holes into the barrel for airflow. I cut a door for loading and unloading. Inside the barrel, I attached cross boards to allow the mix to be stirred as it tumbles. I layer in greens and brown waste along with coffee grounds, egg shells, cardboard toilet paper rolls, and some soil from the garden that has microbes. I water it weekly and give it a few tumbles. This season I produced 6 gallons of compost.


That is so impressive

I tried one of the tumbler things and I just got a lot of liquid (obviously not enough brown contents) 

You have a fantastic design - love the loads inside to help with the tumbling process. 

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