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Cedar chicken tractor

Cedar chicken tractor
This is a combination of designs with a base design from John Suscovich’s book “stress free chicken tractor plans” except we used cedar lumber (we have a sawmill) and strategically wired it on the outside parameter and corners with electric fencing to protect what’s inside from predators on the outside or one can ‘jump off’ of that wire to an electric poultry netting fence to allow them to forage. We plug 3 100’  long drop cords together that just go with it as we move it. It’s a bit heavy to be honest, but it should last us indefinitely. 
Thanks for sharing all the details

Now .. heavy: how often do you have to move it? 

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We move it at least 1x a day when we have meat chickens and after they get older we start moving them 2xs a day. The biggest inconvenience is it takes two people or the four wheeler to move it. 
Twice a day … I guess if it is just part of the daily, that that isn’t too bad … 

a simpler life

I look forward to growing our own meat birds! 

Thanks for sharing! 


What breed are those chickens, Red Rovers? 

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