Monthly Book Giveaway - February 2023


Your home … whatever your lifestyle … is your homestead. When I thought of homesteading in that way, my eyes were opened and I felt empowered to be more conscious of what I was doing and why AND I fet more proud of what I was doing, however insignif
Yesterday, I was listening to a homesteader talk about what his family’s lifestyle looks like and he specifically addressed the comments that he gets from viewers saying that he shouldn’t post about hunting or fishing when he talks about his homestead
How fortunate we are that, while we work towards living our homesteading lifestyle, remembering the old ways, we also have access to modern perks, such as the internet and medical supports. Today, Rick is having his first cataract eye surgery and, al
Post a project for a chance to win the book! Everyone who posts a finished homesteading project during the month of October will be entered into a draw and one lucky winner will receive The First-Time Homesteader: A complete beginner's guide to start
Making the hoophouse trellis for tomatoes. [Homestead_Hoophouse_trellis.PNG] As I write this, it is almost the end of October and there isn't much left growing in my gardens.  In the hoophouse, I have my precious peas that are just starting to be rea
Ham Soup: a frugal meal on my homestead  [Ham_soup_frugal_meals.PNG] Today, I bought a ham, with bone in, for just $10. Now that is a good price, here in Canada, but even better when I think about how many meals that I’m going to get out of it.  Mak
[Standing_Bear_Network_Maple_Syrup.jpg] This morning, this teachings story appeared in my FB feed and my first thought went to homesteading and the work involved in maintaining a happy, healthy home. (Shared with permission from Standing Bear Netwo
Our Hoophouse has been a great garden space. Now, that it is staying, it is time to take care of the walkways. [Hoophouse_woodchip_walkways.PNG] The Hoophouse Journey Recap This past spring, we bought a Hoophouse, through Amazon, as an experiment.
Yes, you can grow your own food - you can grow a little bit, a lot o’ bit, or all of it.  It’s your home, your homestead; let growing food work with your lifestyle and your dreams. [How_to_grow_your_own_food.PNG] The Easy Answer to “how to start grow
Cooking like grandma means cooking from scratch [Cooking_from_scratch.PNG] My grandmother, the one that I knew, had a family of twelve to feed on a daily basis. And - she did it in the 1920’s and beyond. Just imagine that. Now, I don’t remember