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2024 Garden Season #14: The GreenStalk Move


This is part 14 in a 17 part series: 2024 Garden Season

The Before … 

At the first of this month, I set up three GreenStalk vertical gardens after struggling with the decision of where they would live.

I had decided on the little pathway behind my pond and I was very happy with them.

… as things grew along the path, the lawnmower struggled with not running over plants 
… the surrounding plants and flowers were creating a lot of shade for my plants in the vertical towers
… and, so I discovered, an unwanted stinging nettle in my flowerbed had decided to spread its wings and begin a new crop in my GreenStalks. No! No! No!!!

The Move 

Today, I decided it was time to move my towers, before the tomato plants got too big and the risk was too great to be messing with. (And before more weeds got into the vertical garden pockets.)

Step 1
Decide where to put them.
At first, I thought of putting them in front of my cabin. Smart me decided to use garbage cans to help visualize the look and it just seemed too closed in. Thank goodness I tested it. I saved myself a lot of work and disappointment.

I finally decided to move them to my new little seating area that I had created by my trellises.

Step 2
Next step was to dig up sections of the lawn so I could create a level place for each of the cement pavers.

Step 3
Unstack each of the GreenStalks (one at a time) and move the pavers to their new homes and level them.

Step 4
The next step was to restack the tower tiers without damaging the plants, especially the tomatoes which are getting fairly spacious.

Step 5
Next? Stand back; assess; and enjoy.

The Next step
Tomorrow, I will be getting out the massage oils for my aching muscles that I will be enduring!! 

But it will all be worth it. 
- The tomatoes and strawberries will be easily accessible from the patio chairs.
- The plants will get lots of sunshine and good airflow. 
- The lawnmower will be able to move around much more easily. 

I like it. I really, really do. 

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