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2024 Garden Season #12: PEAS: update

I thought I had an “ah-ha” moment but then things changed …

The beginning

March 20: I planted some seeds indoors in my Lee Valley self-watering trays. They started sprouting a week later and then flourished.

April 7: I transplanted them into the garden, during a spell of rainy days.

April 11: I sowed more seeds directly in the garden.

May 7: (see my notes here) checking on my peas, the directly-sown peas had pretty much caught up with the early starts.

That was my “ah-ha” moment. The early start hadn’t made a difference; next year I might as well wait and plant directly in the ground.

The present

Fast forward to today, May 29

The transplanted peas have shot up in height and have started to flower.
The directly-sown are about half the size.
My second ah-ha moment: repeat the transplanting strategy next year!!! 

Now is the hard part: waiting patiently for those seed pods to be plump and ready for harvesting and snacking in the garden! 
- Debbie 

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