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Sourdough Discard: Crepes

Sourdough Discard: Crepes
What can you do with your sourdough discard?

Well, you don’t throw it away!!
You can make pancakes with it… or, perhaps better named: crepes.

Making sourdough discard crepes

  1. Heat a skillet (I put a little oil in the pan)
  2. Stir your sourdough starter
  3. Scoop out some of the starter and put in the hot pan
  4. Feed your starter
  5. Flip the pancake / crepe
  6. Finish cooking .. about 30 seconds
  7. Drizzle with some syrup
  8. Roll it up
  9. Eat
  10. Smile 

I made that 

Serving options

  • Syrup
  • Jam
  • Berries
  • Berries and whipped cream
  • Cottage cheese
  • Hazelnut spread
  • Peanut butter and banana slices

What would you put on your sourdough discard crepes?

- Debbie

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What is a crepe?

Crêpes are an ultra-thin pancake common in France that can be made sweet or savory, typically rolled or folded with a variety of fillings from jam or Nutella to ham and cheese to seafood

What is a sourdough starter?

Sourdough 'starter' – a fermented flour and water mixture that contains wild yeast and good bacteria


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