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Apple Pie Baking.

Apple Pie Baking.
This is one thing I enjoy.  It is nice to share with family and friends.  Freeze some extras in the freezer.  You know what is in the pies and all those extra ingredients are not necessary for a good pie.

For the crust I use the recipe on the Tenderflake Lard Box.  Never fails.  Makes a nice crust. They also sell them premade if your in a hurry.  Just unthaw a bit so you can apply the top crust easier without breaking.

I use Mutsu Apples.  Peel and chop all pieces about the same size.  Fill the bottom crust about 1/2 inch above the rim of the pie.  A rounded mound.  Nothing worse then a empty gap of space in your pie from shrinkage.   Sprinkle mound with white sugar to cover apples.  Then sprinkle cinnanmon to lightly cover.  Place 3 tsp of butter or marg spread apart on top of the apples.  Add top crust.  Press edges with a fork to prevent leaks.  Score top of pie with 3 small lines for steam to escape.  Bake a 350 till crust is golden brown.   Can use knife to check that apples are cooked and soft.  Top with ice cream or whipped cream.  Enjoy and happy baking.  If you want to freeze pie, instead of baking it, place it in the freezer and freeze uncooked.  Bake frozen.  May just take a little more time.
I love this!! 
Wonderful tips and good point re: knowing what is in the pie. 

I think I’ve made one apple pie in my life ... 40 years ago. My dad said “best pie I have ever eaten” and since I thought that I could never top that, I never made another one. 
How weird is that? (Ok, so it was an excuse not to make pies... I love making bread but pies? Not so much)

Kudos to you and al the pie makers out there 

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