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Mashed Potato Squash

Mashed Potato Squash
Mashed potato squash is not just any squash and is a great potato alternative for meals.

Now, Rick does NOT like squash, refuses to eat squash, and is adamant that I do not try and sneak it into a meal - BUT he agreed to give the mashed potato variety a try. (Let me just say that I was shocked and did not question - I quickly ordered the seeds.)

3 months later,  we were giving them a try. 

Rick: “although they have a different flavour, they do taste like mashed potatoes.”

That, my friends, is a win and a wonderful example of not giving up on people - they can, indeed, change. 

Benefits of the Squash

The Mashed Potato squash has more nutrients, more fibre, and less carbs than a potato, so this means that it is a double win. 

Growing the Squash

The Mashed Potato Squash grow on a vine, although the description says that it is a compact vine.

Now that I have my trellises, these squash will be one of my climbers next year! The fruit is not that large so should be perfect for hanging from the cattle panels. (Check out my trellis journey here.

My seed source: 

William Dam Seeds - this company is fairly local, for me and I highly recommend them. 
It is recommended that you buy from a seed source where the seeds are grown in a similar environment as your gardens. That, or course, isn’t always possible and, sometimes you just want to try something new. Recommendations are just that - recommendations, not rules to live by. 

Storing the Squash

I would try storing some in the basement for the winter but, I haven’t had great success with that. I just don’t have the right environment. So, I harvest them, cook them, and freeze-dry them. 

Cooking the Squash

To cook the squash: 
  • cut it in half, scoop out the seeds (and save for next year or bake them for snacks); Add some oil or butter and bake in the oven until done, OR
  • Wash and put the squash into an Instant Pot, whole, with an inch of water, and pressure cook for 25 minutes, OR
  • Peel, chop, and boil or steam until done 

We have eaten the squash plain, but Rick and I both agree that they are best with onion or asparagus or some other vegetable  (I mash the squash with freeze-dried vegetables) and some sour cream (I use Greek yoghurt instead, but don’t tell Rick). 

Have you tried the Mashed Potato  Squash?
How do you prefer to cook squash?


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