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New Pantry

New Pantry
My husband built me a walk in pantry for all the hard work of canning all that food! He designed the floor and the shelves. It used to be our wood shed. We had to raise the floor to still be able to get to our crawl space from outside. The ceiling and back wall is old barn tin. And the support beams are from the original part of the house. I’m in love! 

K Kennedy

You’re in love?

I’m in love!!! 
That pantry is 1) absolutely beautiful - that floor ??!!! 😳❤️ and 2) the functionality … that space is priceless 

I’m in awe… 

a simpler life

I’m so envious. This is beautiful. 
Wow that is amazing! I have those same storage containers on the top row, I absolutely love them, dont you?
Thank you everyone!! It’s definitely a beautiful space! And yes, I love the storage containers!

K Kennedy

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