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Growing stuff!

Growing stuff!
I'm growing fig trees and gardenias from cuttings! Hopefully I will be able to sell them at the farmers market this upcoming spring! 

My hoophouse is 10x20ft. I've had it for couple years so the plastic is in need of replacing. But I just slap some duct tape on the holes and keep on trucking!  I purchased it from Amazon, they run around $150-$250. 

For misting my plants I installed a mister used for above ground plants and just ran the hose above my plants attaching it with zip ties. I also have a timer for the water to turn on every 8 hours so I don't forget to water!

Happy gardening! 
That’s a LOT of plants in there! Good for you.

I just finished my first seasons with my Amazon Hoophouse/ greenhouse 
Next year, my goal is to add a drip line watering system, to make my life easier. 

I’m sure you will do well with your plant sales! 

a simpler life

That looks like a dream! I have a hoop house on my future list but for now I put a 6x8 greenhouse in my living room each year. I wish you luck with your sales!
SawyerHomestead … I look forward to seeing photos of your greenhouse .. that’s as impressive as Krystal’s!

a simpler life

wow i wish i had room for something like this.

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