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Container Gardens in city from a Farmer Girl at Heart.

Container Gardens in city from a Farmer Girl at Heart.
As I am located in the city, but a farmer at heart.  I do container gardens.  I plant strawberries, tomatoes, peppers.  As a child I remember going and staying at my Nana's farm in Nova Scotia.  Now this was in the 70's.  Outhouse, milk direct from the cows.  Eggs from the Chickens.  Churning butter in the churn.  She only ever purchased sugar and flour from the stores.  Great memories of picking green beans and snapping them up to be cooked in the pot along with peas that were also picked and removed from the shell.  Saving all the scraps for the cows.  My little container gardens are a drop in the bucket compared to my Nana's 200 acres.  But the memories and the stuff she taught me remains in my heart.  You will never starve if you rely on what is right in front of you.  My little container garden in the city yields enough for myself and my husband.  My Nan would be happy to see me with my hands in the soil year after year.  In future I would love to increase my garden, but just knowing that I am able to do this in the city brings me great joy.
Well, I’m proud of you!!

I can’t imagine only buying sugar and flour … so much work our ancestors did to “steady their homes” .. I am not worthy! 

Love your garden.

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