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Windowsill Gardening


How do you grow food on your windowsill?

Maybe, as you make “your home your homestead” you want to grow some food but you don’t have a garden or a yard.

Maybe you DO have an outdoor garden but you want to have some food, perhaps your herbs, handy when cooking. 

A windowsill may be the solution for you!

What you need 

  • You need a window that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight every day or a grow light for supplemental light
  • You need a container in which to grow your plant(s)
  • You need soil - potting soil is best
  • You need seeds or seedlings or already established plants 
  • You will need to water them on a regular basis, and 
  • You will need to provide nutrients via natural fertilizers 

And, you may need to be prepared to make space for more and more plants. 

What to grow

Everything and anything is worth a try but, if you are just starting to become a gardener, you may want to start out slow with some basil or other herbs. 
The biggest tip most gardeners will give is to:
Grow what you want to eat

… so, if you don’t like basil, why grow it? 

Homesteadian Community Sharing: 

Share your tips, your questions, your experiences, your fears, your failures, and your wins in the comments below.

a simpler life

Has anyone used ultraviolet lights to grow indoors? I do not have any sunny spots good for growing. 

Leslie MacLeod

I have some lights but I don’t know how well they have worked… 

I really want to grow some good plants this spring. Might have to invest in a good light

a simpler life

Maybe will have to contact a pot growing place ! Lol they seem to have success. 

Leslie MacLeod

Haha you are too funny 

a simpler life