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Documentary: The Biggest Little Farm (Netflix)

Activists, scientists, farmers, and politicians turn to regenerative agriculture to save the planet's topsoil, and combat climate change.
This documentary is fascinating - mind-blowing, really, as it very clearly shows how everything in nature works together and, to be a steward of the land, we need to understand how it works and work with that system, making room for it, supporting it, enhancing it. 

When we can do that, on whatever scale we are gardening, life flourishes. 

When we know better, we can do better. 

The action is on us. The responsibility is ours. 

I think of those critters that ate my garden last year. “Trap them; poison them; shoot them,” we’re the helpful suggestions that I received. No, I wasn’t going to do that. 

We are sharing this land; they are just being greedy. My job is to figure out how to leave food for them AND find a way to have food for us as well… finding that balance. 

Now, I didn’t find a natural solution, but the greenhouses served the purpose and I grow enough plants in my yard that the critters had lots to munch on, so I think I did an okay job. 

The biggest little farm … or garden…. Or container garden … 
- Debbie 

a simpler life

One of my favorite shows ever. I wish it was a series! 
Netflix. Are you listening? Brittany has a brilliant idea!! 
Yes!! This should definitely be a series. Wouldn’t that be wonderful. 

a simpler life