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Documentary: Kiss the Ground (Netflix)


Kiss the Ground (Netflix)

This is a fantastic show about the importance of caring for the soil.

After watching it, I realize the importance of homesteaders (at all levels) as they care for the soil using no-till methods. As more and more people shift the practices, the impact on the planet grows and grows, regardless of the what the big farms do.

My daughter teaches geography and shows this movie to her all of her classes and, then, drives home through rural Ontario Canada and drives through dust clouds of dead soil. It’s amazing how we know but we don’t know or we ignore the knowing and keep ignoring the health of the soil.

And, then, I think of the people who are turning their lawns into gardens and use the permaculture style of tending to the soil. And I think of the people who make clay seed packets and toss them into the ditches along the highway. And I think of people pulling up pavement bricks to plants patches of flowers and ground covers ..

Every little bit helps and, the more that we do, the healthier the planet becomes. 

Thank-you to everyone for their “little bit” and for their plans for more “little bits” in the future. 
- Debbie 
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