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Best Grow Light Options for seed-Starting


Grow lights: yes or no?

Grow lights: tips?

If you are starting seeds indoors, they need light, water, warmth, and nutrients. 

  • Share what you have learned about grow lights.
  • Ask your questions about grow lights. 

a simpler life

I am using shop light fixtures with 2 different lumen bulbs...can't remember now what they are.  My starts do ok but I wonder if I am using the correct lumen and if my area is warm enough when I do Starr seeds.  My set up is in the unfinished basement by a small window.   This past year I did wrap plastic around the shelves to help retain a little heat. 


I definitely don’t have the right set-up for mine … 
Location, lighting, heat… it’s a challenge

But so worth it. 

Sometimes I honk I’d be better to just invest in one of those enclosed systems that have everything you need 

a simpler life