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Toxic free home

Hello everyone.
 I would like to here from you how you keep your homes clean. While you are going about cleaning dust and dirt do you also think about the toxins in cleaning products?
Are you cleaning your surfaces but polluting your air?

If you watch all the the commercials everything has to be disinfected and smell like roses. I’ll let you in on a secret, clean DOESN’T have a smell!!!

Let me know what your thoughts are. 

Have a great day everyone!

Leslie MacLeod

We have been trained to think that clean mens suds in the water, the smell of pinesol in air and bleach in the water .. 

The most fascinating thing, for me, was that after changing how I clean that my lungs cannot handle waking down the cleaning aisles at the store. 

And, along with your thoughts, we have also been trained to think “spotless, germ-less, and clutter-less” … my goodness, the work we put on our lists that aren’t necessary 

a simpler life

I hear you about walking down the cleaning isle. If I do walk down it I have to hold my breath or I feel a headache coming on. 

Leslie MacLeod

Take a look at a report that the CBC did.

Leslie MacLeod