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NOVEMBER Homesteading Tasks

It’s November. 

What do you usually get done / plan on doing, this month, on your homestead? 

We can learn from each other; we can help others start their homesteading journey, whether that is with indoor gardening, outdoor gardening, raising animals, cooking from scratch, or preserving food.

Note: so that people can relate, please include the following: 
  • What region of the world are you in?
  • What are the typical weather conditions at this time of year at your homestead? 

Your home is your homestead, whatever that looks like. 

a simpler life

Ontario Canada
The weather can be cold, snowy, freezing .. typically, the temperature hovers around the freezing mark.
This week, however, in 2022, we are having morning temperatures of almost 10C /50F and afternoons of almost 20C /70F. 

This year, I am: 
  • cleaning up the gardens by taking out the dead plants
  • raking up some leaves to use as mulch for garden beds, so they can start decomposing over winter and add nutrients back into the soil
  • putting woodchips down in the pathways of my gardens

a simpler life

Hello to y'all, we're in North Eastern North Carolina, USA. This is our first winter here.  from what others tell us it gets pretty chilly but not a ton of snow normally. You never can tell though. It will get into 30s -70s in the winter🤷🏼‍♀️ Otherwise we have a pretty great couple of seasons of growing and harvesting👩‍🌾💕 I believe we're having an Indian Summer now
Brrr 70 degrees ;) 

New to a region - you are on a learning curve, to find out what works for you. That’s exciting 

a simpler life