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Super easy soup from scratch

Super easy soup from scratch

What’s for supper? Soup!

How I made my soup 

  1. Heat a large pot (I used my cast iron Dutch oven)
  2. Melt a bit of fat - lard, butter, oil, bacon grease (I used lard)
  3. Sauté a chopped onion
  4. Stir in some cloves of garlic (I love garlic, so I used 6 cloves)
  5. Add in meat, cubed (I used cooked chicken that I had freeze-dried) 
  6. If meat is raw, cook til browned 
  7. Add broth to half-fill pot (I used freeze-dried chicken broth and then added water to reconstitute. I also added some leftover bone broth that I found in the fridge.)
  8. Add chopped vegetables. (I used two parsnips, one carrot, and one potato, which I left in large chunks so that my “potato-hater” could easily remove them)
  9. Add greens, if desired (I used freeze-dried kale, to sneak in the nutritional value of this plant from the garden) 
  10. Season (I used salt, pepper, garlic powder, chilli flakes)
  11. Simmer til vegetables are tender 
  12. Taste and adapt seasonings if needed 
  13. Serve and enjoy (I served mine with homemade bread from the other day) 

Easy-peezy and delicious 

Why soup?

Soup… it is so easy to whip up a pot of soup.

Soup… it is a full-course meal in one pot.

Soup… soothes the soul while it fuels the body.

Soup… is a comfort food.

Soup… is like coming home.

Soup.. is a slow down, savour the sip, experience with every spoon-full.

Soup… is made with love.

- Debbie

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