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Small Batching Plant Medicine

Small Batching Plant Medicine
Small batch of salve made with broadleaf plantain and heal all. 
Well, that is pretty darned cool. 

What do you create the salve with? Coconut oil? 

a simpler life

Hi Debbie, I use olive oil for this one. Fresh plant material is chopped then heated over low heat for 48 hours, then  strained and stored in a cool dark place. 
I use 1 cup of infused oil
3 tablespoons of beeswax and a little essential oil. This stuff works great on minor cuts, scrapes, bruises and more. I like to call it 
Carpenter's salve, because hard working, hammer slinging  carpenters are always nicking themselves on one thing or another?

Haha .. that’s fantastic!! 

Can I ask where you are located? Ok, yes I can ask … will you share is the question lol 

a simpler life

Hello from Ontario!!

a simpler life