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Additional raised beds

Additional raised beds
Have a very large garden.  Started adding raised beds 3 years ago.  This year wanted to add more (getting older so hopefullythese will be a littleeasierto work). Decided to go with galvanized steel so they would last longer.  Using old decaying logs to fill the bottom,  then added a layer of straw from my straw bale garden and finished with a layer of soil for 2 of the raised beds.  I am composting grass clippings and leaves this winter to help fill in the rest of the beds for spring.  Super excited to be using a natural way to create soil and save money. Biggest challenge is maintaining the compost pile so it will breakdown properly. 


What is the height of your raised beds? 

I really like those new beds.. don’t have any but can see the benefits! 

And, I agree re: the co
Post. Hardest part. 

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