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Pressure Canning

Pressure Canning

When you need to free up space in the freezer, pressure canning can be a life saver. I'm embarrassed to admit, when our freezers would get overstocked or some things were a bit freezer burnt- we used to chuck them in the garbage. ? I know, I know. Unbelievable. 
Our family is so happy we took the dive into learning pressure canning. Not only has it made making meals on busy weeknights so much easier, we just grab and heat or add to the meal being cooked, we now have reduced waste at home. It's a win win! Canning Meats and Broth are quickly becoming one of our avourite staples. 

What is your favourite thing to can? 


Pressure canning in wonderful. Haven’t done any this year (been using my freeze dryer) 

My goal is to have nothing perishable in the freezer. We lose power too often. 

a simpler life

I love canning everything! It’s so much fun! My favourite thing is to can tomatoes. I use so many tomatoes! 

K Kennedy

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