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My recycled greenhouse. ❤

My recycled greenhouse.  ❤
My oldest son, whom was 8 when we did this build, and my sweet Daddy helped me with this project.  It was alot more work than I realized but I love it. Although Dad is no longer with me, I still think of him and our talks when I'm in it. ❤?
I just got goosebumps. How fortunate you are to have this precious memory of a shared project. 
Very special ... plus, look at that beautiful greenhouse!!! 

Does it house plants all year round? 
~ Debbie

a simpler life

I am still learning how to keep plants in it all winter. I have a few ideas to try this year. I guess I'm gonna have to add a solar panel or electricity for a heater, although I had hoped I wouldn't have to. I am constantly adding to my garden space. For many years this little greenhouse has started all of my seeds for my family, and a few others. If you have any tips for winter growing in a greenhouse,  I am willing to learn! 
I’m just learning, too.
Somewhere I read that jugs of vegetable oil hold heat better than jugs of water, helping to keep the space warm over night... don’t know by how much or for how long, though

a simpler life

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