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“Grow what you eat.” That’s the best gardening tip there is! Grow what you eat or what you are going to eat. [What-to-grow-in-a-garden.PNG] Make a List What do you and your family like to eat? List your top 5-10 favourite meals. Make a Second Li
Happy New Year! We finally got to have our Christmas dinner with the family and for veggies, I decided to harvest some of the carrots that are in my greenhouse. This is a first .. not just the first of the year but the first time that I have ever h
It’s February 14th (Happy Valentines Day) I’m in zone 5b (with the last frost date around May 24th) And we are in the middle of a false spring - and it is lovely! But … is it too early to start some seeds? [12C7A41A-E150-4B69-B2D8-163ECB240DFD.png]
From comfy cozy to the realities of life... I start a lot of plants indoors in the spring and, as we enter the month of May, they are ready to get their roots planted into the earth and flourish under the rays of the sun.  My seedlings’ home has bee